Emids® Healthcare Summit 2021

Relive the 2021 edition of the Emids Healthcare Summit where we explore ways to leverage technology to drive better health, wealth and well-being outcomes.

Healthcare Summit 2021

Experience the Future of Healthcare

Pandemic-spawned shifts in where people live, work, shop, learn and access care have led to some of the most obvious and unexpected of mashups of organizations, technologies and care delivery + payment models.

From startups to mega-mergers to innovative payers, providers and life sciences players, we’re fusing our industry together to make sense of the new landscape, share stories from the frontlines, predict behaviors and forge novel relationships. Together, we will identify ways to leverage technology and drive better health, wealth and well-being outcomes.

“As a healthcare executive, you can’t go to every conference anymore. You have to make the tough choice of the two or three conferences that you’re going to go to. From my perspective, this is always one of the three best conferences in healthcare. “

Glen Tullman

Founder and CEO, Transcarent

Summit Talks
Transforming Community Need into Health Impact

We are premiering a special episode of CareTalk, a weekly podcast that provides an incisive, no B.S. view of the US healthcare system, to close out the day. Host John Driscoll (CEO, CareCentrix) debates COVID-19 policies, drug prices, digital health, Medicare, racial disparities and more with his esteemed guests. Check out other episodes and learn […]

Fireside Chat: Leadership & Health Misinformation

With so much mis- and dis- information in society and healthcare, the challenge rests in how to tackle such a big topic with specific strategies and lessons learned, leveraging our individual and collective sources of truth to turn the tide in the favor of what healthcare inherently turns to for its North Star: science, research, […]

The Expanding Ecosystem of Direct-to-Consumer Healthcare

For years industry experts have been predicting that healthcare would indeed become more “consumer-driven and directed”. Even the greatest futurists could not have predicted the direct, deep and profound impact the global pandemic would have in driving focus on individual health and well-being as well as serve as the true catapult of telehealth and other […]

SDOH: Widening the Lens, Bridging the Digital Divide and Making the Business Case

For payers and providers working to create value-based care models and aligned financial incentives, the newfound focus on addressing and paying for the underlying Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) may be the missing link. Yet the proliferation of digital solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic closed as many gaps as it exposed, proving transportation and other […]

Launch Pad: We’re Really Just Getting Started with Consumer Experience Design

The urgency of COVID-19 proved that the notoriously slow healthcare industry can swiftly remodel outdated ways of working to usher in change. We’re just getting started meeting the digital consumer’s needs and expectations for usability, connectivity, hyper-personalization, contextualization and integration.

Pandemic Economy

All aspects of healthcare are seeing massive increases in post-pandemic demand. Hospital outpatient departments, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), pharmacies, physician + specialist care offices are seeing double-digit growth projections for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, the volume growth is predicted to drive down the cost of surgical procedures. Join our panelist as they share predictions for […]

Developing Omnichannel Experiences in Pharma

During the COVID-19 global pandemic life sciences and pharmaceutical companies faced more challenges than ever when it came to launching new drugs into the market. Reaching customers in the right place at the right time was exponentially harder. Looking at how other industries have leveraged omnichannel customer experiences, pharma has adopted more holistic engagement models […]

Hybrid Isn’t Just a Solution for Cars

Post-pandemic it’s a proven solution for real-world access to care: social, emotional, mental and physical. Covid-19 revealed deep fractures in society, the inequity of the nation’s social and health safety nets, and the need for a radical transformation of community health focused on treating high-risk, high-needs patients.

The Intersection of Physical & Mental Health

With a rising mental health epidemic, has the time finally come for Whole Person Health? Digital solutions can now enable personalized coaching and treatment at the scale and price point that could result in mental health solutions being a ubiquitous part of the healthcare system. This panel will explore what’s different for whole-person, population health […]

“I love this event. It’s a carefully curated group of individuals from lots of different parts of the healthcare system. It’s great to continue to see old friends that I’ve made over the years as well as meet some new people that are trying to do very interesting things within healthcare. “

Brad Fluegel

Board of Directors, Premera Blue Cross

Meet Our Visionaries
  • 2021 Summit Speakers

    John Driscoll

    EVP & President U.S. Healthcare, Walgreens Boots Alliance

    Bruce Broussard

    President and CEO, Humana

    Dave Long

    CEO and co-founder, Orangetheory Fitness

    Glen Tullman

    CEO, Transcarent

    Dr. Mohamed Diab

    CEO, ActiveHealth Management

    Russ Thomas

    CEO, Availity

    Dr. Caroline Carney

    Chief Medical Officer, Magellan Health

    Sarah Richardson

    SVP, CIO, Tivity Health

    Dr. Edmund Jackson

    Chief Data Officer, HCA Healthcare

    Andy Corts

    SVP, Research & Digitization at SignalPath, a Verily / Alphabet Company

    Dr. Jonathan Perlin

    President, Clinical Operations & CMO, HCA Healthcare

    Dr. YiDing Yu

    EVP Chief Medical Officer- Olive Share, Olive

    Drew Schiller

    CEO, Validic

    Gavin Nichols

    CEO, Calyx

    Brad Smith

    Founder & CEO, Russell Street Ventures

    Gyre Renwick

    Chief Operating Officer, Modern Health

    Hemant Taneja

    Managing Partner at General Catalyst

    Chitra Nawbatt

    Global Head of Health Assurance and Innovation, General Catalyst

    Colleen Nicewicz

    CEO, Groups Recover Together

    Jeff Gartland

    CEO, Relatient

    Dan Brillman

    Co-founder & CEO, Unite Us

    Jim Bohnsack

    Chief Revenue & Strategy Officer, TransUnion Healthcare

    Dr. Adam Kaufman

    Senior Vice President, Healthcare and Diabetes, WW

    Jonathan Bush

    CEO & Founder, Zus Health

    Katherine Ryder

    Founder & CEO, Maven Clinic

    Lisa McLaughlin

    Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Workit Health

    Marcus Osborne

    SVP, Health Innovation, Walmart

    Matt Hawkins

    CEO and Board Member, Waystar

    Matt Pritchard

    US Digital Programs Lead, AstraZeneca

    Michele Schimmel

    President, Real Chemistry

    Pat Geraghty

    President and CEO, GuideWell and Florida Blue

    Rajeev Ronanki

    Senior Vice President, Elevance Health & President, Carelon Digital Platforms

    Richard Ashworth

    President & CEO, Tivity Health

    Rita Glaze

    Practice Leader, Commercial & Market Access, Real Chemistry

    Sami Inkinen

    CEO & Co-founder, Virta Health

    Senator William H. Frist, MD

    Partner, Frist Cressey Ventures

    Tom Waller


    Veeneta Lakhani

    EVP Growth and Operations, Vida Health

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