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Process Automation

Drive Transformative Outcomes

QA & Testing

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Your Population Engagement Digital Assistant

Process Automation

Automation That Drives Transformative Outcomes

With constant pressure to provide better care to patients in a cost-effective manner, now is the time to embrace automation tools like artificial intelligence and robotic process automation to drive operational efficiencies that amplify results and impact revenue.

Emids’ automation practice uses a scalable approach that ensures results yield a positive return on investment, reduces wasteful spending and increases capacity for employees to focus on work that matters.


  • RPA & Intelligent Automation
  • Intelligent Virtual Agents
  • AI Advisor Tools
  • Intelligent Document Processing
QA & Testing

QA & Test That Moves at Warp Speed

Adapting to changing consumer demands means being agile and quick to deliver on each release cycle. To meet this, your quality assurance function needs to be up to the test.

Out test automation strategy shifts to progressive automation for Increased speed and incorporates Continuous Testing (CT). CoreACCEL is an Emids® proprietary platform-agnostic low code / no code automation platform which helps in faster automation with limited automation skill leading to increased velocity.

Our strategy includes:

  • Lifecycle Automation
  • Continuous Test Automation
  • Accelerators
  • Automation Across Layers
  • A Robust Framework
  • A Measurable Approach

Your On-Demand Organizational Resource Center

CoreASSIST is your digital assistant to support your organization with population engagement and management.

This AI-powered, automated platform can be customized to meet the needs of your organization with program integrations and information for your specific use cases. Powered by Emids, it can function as your organizational resource center and help desk support on your platform in as little as one week.


  • Conversational Assistant
  • Self-Learning
  • NLP Features
  • Share Assets
  • Integration & Automation
  • Reporting

Automation: From a Nice-to-Have to a Necessity in Healthcare’s Digital Transformation


Intelligent Automation: Healthcare’s New Essential Coworker


Case Study

National Payer Benefits from Strategic DevOps

The highlights included a 15 percent time savings in test planning, 60 percent time savings in regression testing, faster time-to-market and $500,000 annual cost savings by using a framework that eliminated the need to have deeper coding for every Quality Engineer.


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