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Consumer expectations influence the constant changes in the healthcare landscape. This means healthcare organizations have to adjust to a rapidly shifting environment often at a moment’s notice. With the world becoming more virtual, companies face the challenge of pivoting to digital while simultaneously navigating the latest healthcare regulations.

As a trusted advisor, the Emids consulting practice sets you on the right path to deliver on digital initiatives that drive value and improve patient quality outcomes.



Trusted advice that helps you blaze new trails and positively impact the future of health.

Engage Consumer

Craft digital experiences that deliver a value-rich engagement at every touchpoint of the consumer journey in a healthcare enterprise.

Transform Care

By using a holistic organizational framework, Emids® assesses, develops and executes patient-centered approaches across the entire lifecycle of care management.

Accelerate Insights

Strategies predicated on data can help your organization find alignment on a plan that supports your company’s mission and vision—both in the present and future.

Optimize Operations

Develop better outcomes through technology and proven methodologies to help you optimize operations in this rapidly changing and competitive landscape.

Modernize Technology

Update your legacy platforms to keep up with today’s consumer needs through a strategic platform evaluation with Emids’ state of the art Digital Maturity Index.


Emids Digital Maturity Index

The Emids Digital Maturity Index measures how healthy and resilient your organization is in the face of digitalization of our industry. Benchmark your organization’s capabilities using digital technologies, while focusing on people, processes, and strategies to help you understand your organization’s current and desired states in a digital environment.


Moving Forward with the No Surprise Billing Requirements


Designing a Digital Maturity Strategy with a Value-Based Mindset


Case Study

Selecting a Population Health Platform for Medicaid Program

After attempting to select a product and manage a complex implementation, UHS realized some outside guidance and support was needed to meet an aggressive state-mandated deadline.


“When we had to cancel the original vendor agreement, we were worried about meeting New York’s Medicaid deadlines. Emids took charge immediately and guided us through a sensible and thorough process for selecting the best possible vendor.”

Annie DePugh

Director, Population Health at UHS

Trusted Advice that Amplifies Results

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