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Solve Your Unmet Data Needs Head-on

Increasing amounts of health data from a wide variety of sources make it difficult for healthcare organizations to realize success from their digital transformation efforts. The need to interface with multiple systems, integrate various data streams in different formats and maintain high quality can slow down digital initiatives.

Emids’ platform practice has developed a set of cloud enabled, pre-built components that can accelerate at least 30-40% of data initiatives for payers, providers and life science organizations. Emids’ platforms are offered through ‘as a service’ models, which allows customers to focus on high value activities.

Service Offerings

Your Partner in Data Management

Data Management as-a-Service

Aggregate and integrate data with high quality from multiple sources at scale enabling enterprise analytics.

Healthcare Interface as-a-service

Pre-built connectors with major payer and provider platforms that help in rapidly developing and maintaining healthcare interfaces.

FHIR Connect

Connect disparate datastores with FHIR API’s that securely exchange health system and payor data.

Social Determinants of Health

Integrate clinical and claims data with socio-economic patient risk scoring to identify and address care gaps.

Emids Platforms


Introducing CoreLAKE™. A unified data management platform with out-of-the-box functionality to solve the unmet data needs for healthcare organizations head-on.

The configurable low-code platform can ingest and integrate varied data in a comprehensive healthcare data model, enabling you to perform advanced analytics in a timely and cost-effective manner. From discovery to go-live, Emids can have you up and running on our CoreLAKE™ platform in 10 weeks or less.


Macadamian HealthConnect™ is a digital platform-as-a-service that streamlines the development of Cloud-connected healthcare applications by standardizing the core building blocks to ensure that data privacy, compliance, and interoperability requirements are met from the get-go.

Paired with our design-led engineering expertise, building on HealthConnect™ streamlines your product journey from idea to market.


Digging Into Data


The Role of Data & Analytics in Digital Transformation


Case Study

Canopy Health adopts a scalable data management platform

“We wanted to build something that was easier to deploy, cost effective and ensured our stakeholders always have access to the right data at the right time. CoreLAKE™ helped us get there.”


Leverage Your Data To Create Transformative Outcomes