Generative AI isn’t a mere trend – it’s creating a generational opportunity to transform healthcare, turbocharging efficiency, and fulfilling ambition like never before. Those who adopt GenAI today aren’t just adapting – they’re pioneering a new era and defining the healthcare industry of tomorrow.

EPulseAI, built upon our deep-rooted healthcare domain expertise, is our strategic, ethical, and secure approach to reshaping product creation with the power of Generative AI. It doesn’t just enhance development efficiency; it opens up a new world of possibilities for your products.

Beyond streamlined development, EPulseAI arms you with the expert knowledge needed to identify and optimize your organization’s unique GenAI use cases. This is underpinned by the extensive GenAI expertise that permeates our staff, solidifying our commitment to harnessing GenAI for innovative product development.

Step into the future of product creation with EPulseAI, discover unprecedented efficiencies, and take your product to new heights of innovation.

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Implement Generative AI Solutions

With EPulseAI, you’re not just adapting to GenAI’s rapid change—you’re leveraging it. We help you cut through the complexity, assess areas of your business ripe for evolution, and drive your business forward. Utilizing Emids’ proprietary product accelerators CoreLAKE™ and HealthConnect, EPulseAI offers a comprehensive approach that spans the entire spectrum, from visionary strategy to seamless operational implementation. Harness the potential of generative AI and stay ahead of the curve with EPulseAI.

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Transforming Product Engineering

EPulseAI is a revolution in healthcare product engineering, empowering you to improve developer productivity, cut costs, and speed up your time-to-market. Leveraging the extraordinary power of Generative AI across every stage of product strategy, design, development, and governance, EPulseAI helps you take your healthcare products from concept to completion faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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EPulseAI | Design


Empower your organization to navigate the shift towards GenAI with confidence and clarity. Gain a comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s readiness for GenAI adoption, while concurrently identifying potential risks and paving the way for a smooth transition. We go beyond mere evaluation, aiding you in uncovering the unique potential of GenAI within your own operations and product lines.

Solidify your path towards AI integration by demonstrating the feasibility of these use cases through a proof of concept. This is made possible with our AI-ready product accelerator, HealthConnect, showcasing the practicality of GenAI implementation and bringing your vision to life. Your journey into the future of GenAI is strategically guided, from initial readiness assessment to tangible realization.

EPulseAI | Build


Infuse your product development process with the power of GenAI. Harnessing proprietary models and top industry tools like HuggingFace and Co-Pilot, we supercharge your development journey, doubling efficiency, enhancing accuracy and halving your time to market.

Guiding customers from ideation to rollout, our platform integrates tools seamlessly to produce secure, efficient code that aligns with your architectural requirements and mirrors best practices refined over decades. Through the utilization of Large Language Models (LLMs), further enhance code quality with the creation of comprehensive test cases, ensuring high code coverage.

Enter a new era of product development with EPulseAI | Build, where GenAI propels quality and efficiency to unprecedented levels.

EPulseAI | Connect


EPulseAI | Connect, powered by our proprietary data platform CoreLAKE™, bridges the gap between data availability and actionable insights. For traditional businesses grappling with the complexity of extracting meaningful insights from expansive data sets, our platform allows you to interrogate large databases with natural language questions, providing insights and reducing the burden of navigating through complex, canned reports.

For digital entities, eager to develop their innovative healthcare products but constrained by access to real-world healthcare data and escalating privacy concerns our synthetic data generator produces data that closely mirrors real-world scenarios, which can be used for a multitude of secondary purposes without any risk.

EPulseAI | Connect uses the power of GenAI to deliver actionable insights and data accessibility, making it an essential tool for both traditional and digital entities in the healthcare industry.


Uncover the Transformative Potential of GenAI for Your Organization

Each tailored solution showcases the power of GenAI to innovate, streamline, and revolutionize both your operations and product development processes.

Direct to Consumer Proof of Concept

Harness the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) through our expert-guided sessions, translating ideas into fully functional AI prototypes, validating user experiences, ensuring stakeholder alignment and gaining executive buy-in, culminating in an AI-enabled technical proof of concept complete with thorough documentation.

Generative AI Impact Analysis and Integration

Understand and leverage the profound impact of Generative AI on your organization’s workflow using design thinking tools like Ecosystem Mapping, Service Design Blueprinting, and Journey Mapping, to enhance productivity and effectiveness across all roles.

AI Maturity Assessment and Discovery

Evaluate your organization’s AI readiness, mitigate potential AI risks, and unlock the potential of GenAI to optimize operational efficiency and foster new commercial opportunities.

Synthetic Data Generation with CoreLAKE™

Overcome the challenges of acquiring reliable, large-scale patient-level datasets and allow healthcare data analysts to generate and use synthetic data of the desired volume in standard or custom schemas, significantly accelerating development timelines and improving product testing accuracy.

AI-Driven Database Optimization

Unravel the complexity of expansive, ill-documented databases with our CoreLAKE™ based solution. Navigate databases, collect metadata, identify similar columns, and establish an AI-assisted business glossary, enhancing database utility and reducing manual efforts.

Q&A style Insights Delivery

Replace rigid canned reports with ChatGPT-style user queries on a defined data domain, providing precise, text-based answers and the ability to save and refresh favorite questions, personalizing data interaction and enhancing operational efficiency.


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Streamlining X-ray Processing with AI

Discover how Emids transformed radiology with AI, making X-ray diagnostics faster, more accurate, and efficient


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