Out-of-the-box Unified Data Platform

Introducing CoreLAKE™, a unified data management platform with out-of-the-box functionality to solve the unmet data needs of healthcare organizations head-on.

The configurable low-code platform can ingest and integrate varied data in a comprehensive healthcare data model, enabling you to perform advanced analytics in a timely and cost-effective manner. From discovery to go-live, Emids can have you up and running on our CoreLAKE™ platform in 10 weeks or less.


Measure and Predict Member Engagement, Productivity and Performance

With a strong data foundation CoreLake™ enables you to measure and predict member engagement, productivity and performance on multiple levels.

Apply AI/ML

Utilize the out-of-the-box AI and ML studio and apply pre-built algorithms.

Reduce TCO

Healthcare organizations will reduce TCO by 40-50% on data platforms.

Innovate Data Monetization

With data subsetting and obfuscation capabilities, monetize your data for additional revenue avenues.

Eliminate Technology Dependency

With this configurable platform, manage processes with data analytics skills.


A Scalable and Flexible Data management Platform

Open-Source Tech Stack

Out-of-the-box data lake solution with open-source tech stack


Cloud-based big data solution

Data Integration

With master data management

Inbuilt Governance

With predefined DQ rules

Pre-Calculated Measures

Pre-calculated measures and Key Performance Indicators

Ingestion Framework

Real Time, Batch, EDI HL7, FHIR


Data and Analytics on AWS

Unlock the potential of your data and accelerate the creation of digital solutions that will impact the future of health.

Harness that potential with the security and reliability of AWS and Emids®’ comprehensive range of IT and digital product development services to create data driven solutions across the care continuum.

Go-To-Market 8X Faster with CoreLake™

Let’s chat about how you can go from discovery to go-live in less than 10 weeks.