Designing a Digital Maturity Strategy with a Value-Based Mindset

Healthcare is facing rapid shifts as the industry deals with the new reality of a post-pandemic world. Patient and consumer expectations are driving these shifts. For some healthcare organizations, however, trying to figure out where they stand on this proverbial moving floor remains a challenge. Especially as the industry goes digital.

Emids has developed a tool that can help you understand where you are and where you want to be in these changing times. The Emids Digital Maturity Index (DMI) can measure how healthy and agile your organization is in the face of a shifting industry landscape. We’ve created this white paper to help you learn—among other things—the following points:

  • Why it’s important for healthcare organizations to recognize they cannot go back to pre-pandemic ways of delivering care, especially now that patient and consumer expectations have changed.
  • How the Emids DMI is used to develop a roadmap for your organization—one that will help you succeed in a digital world.

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