Emids® Digital Maturity Index

Benchmark your organization’s digital readiness relative to your competition to get a complete view of your situation and a roadmap for success.

Create A Resilient Digital Organization

In our era of digital healthcare, technology is playing a pivotal role in business success. It’s becoming more important to understand and manage where your business technology is positioned in view of your competition. We’re also seeing an acceleration of data use, and this is bringing up issues around quality, ownership, privacy, security, transparency, and trust. To address these issues, businesses are investing further in their technology to deliver maximum value to patients, members, providers and employees.

It’s why we created the Emids Digital Maturity Index (DMI). It measures how healthy and resilient your organization is in the face of digitalization of our industry. The DMI measures your organization’s capabilities using digital technologies, while focusing on people, processes, and strategies to help you understand your organization’s current and desired states in a digital environment.

Like the body mass index (BMI), which measures your weight and height to help you understand your health status, the DMI can measure how healthy and agile your organization is in the face of a shifting industry landscape. Regular internal checkups keep your organization in top shape.


Know Where Your Digital Maturity Currently Stands

Ensures people in your organization have the tools, resources, and processes to succeed as the industry marches towards a digital future.

Leadership Readiness

Score your leaders for their capacity to successfully navigate the change to digital

Product & Service Delivery

Score your organization’s ability to deliver products and services using technology as a tool

Organization Wide Coverage

Score your organization’s ability to create a powerful digital domain

Leverage Your Data

Leverage your organization’s data by turning it into an asset

Roadmap for Growth

Build strategic roadmaps to leverage digital for growth



Designing a Digital Maturity Strategy with a Value-Based Mindset

Learn how the Emids DMI is used to develop a roadmap for your organization that will help you succeed in a digital world.

Plot A Path To Successful Digital Transformation