Must-See Panels at The 8th Annual Emids Healthcare Summit

Now in its 8th year, the annual Emids Healthcare Summit has welcomed refreshing perspectives, new ideas and actionable insights from over 190 Healthcare Industry executives and 90+ companies for an event that’s meaningful, memorable and anything but run-of-the-mill. 

This year, we’re virtually welcoming cross-industry leaders for exclusive conversations on healthcare’s mashup to unpack the new landscape, share stories from the frontlines, predict behaviors and forge novel relationships. In anticipation of this year’s event on November 10-11th, register today and bookmark your favorites from these must-see panels.

November 10th

The Intersection of Physical & Mental Health

The question remains: with a rising mental health epidemic, has the time finally come for Whole Person Health? Leaders from Vida Health, Active Health Management, Groups Recover Together and Modern Health dive into practical ways to address physical and mental comorbidities, leverage technology and improve clinical outcomes.

Hybrid Isn’t Just a Solution for Cars

Healthcare’s mashup of in-person and virtual care delivery is a proven solution for real-world access: social, emotional, mental and physical. We’re opening healthcare’s digital front door for an important discussion with executives from Availity, Tivity Health, Maven Clinic and Russell Street Ventures.

Developing Omnichannel Experiences in Pharma

Gavin Nichols, CEO of Calyx, discusses how life sciences and pharmaceutical companies pursued research, drug development and clinical trials in a socially distanced world. And, how pharma has adopted holistic engagement models that put patients first. 

Fireside Chat: Pandemic Economy

Returning Summit speaker and SVP, Health Innovation of Walmart, Marcus Osborne joins Anthem’s President of Digital Platforms Rajeev Ronanki for a candid discussion on the business of healthcare post-pandemic and how digital transformation will build the foundation for innovation in the decades to come.

November 11th

Launch Pad: We’re Really Just Getting Started with Consumer Experience Design

From our own research, 78% of healthcare organizations feel their digital initiatives are not yielding results. To execute truly effective digital transformation, the question is, “how is my consumer having their needs met on their own terms?” Learn about the new approaches and emerging technologies needed to meet the digital consumer’s needs and expectations in healthcare. 

SDOH: Widening the Lens, Bridging the Digital Divide and Making the Business Case 

Following a proliferation of novel solutions and partnerships created to address the underlying Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), hear from leaders about what’s working, what’s not and how to drive new strategies with technology that considers access, inclusion and community impact for greater wellbeing.  

The Expanding Ecosystem of Direct-to-Consumer Healthcare 

Consumer demands for fast, quick and easy experiences related to healthcare are resulting in next-level innovations in all aspects of healthcare. Thought leaders from Orangetheory, WW and Relatient discuss how they digitally transformed their own companies and how to meet demands for a modern, integrated customer experience. 

Fireside Chat: Leadership & Health Misinformation

Tune in for a fireside chat between Glen Tullman, CEO of Transcarent, Pat Geraghty of GuideWell and Florida Blue and HCA Healthcare’s CMO Dr. Jonathan Perlin, who will share their lessons in leadership amidst so much mis- and dis-information in society and healthcare.

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