The Next Era of Emids

For the last 23 years, Emids has been built on innovation and the relentless pursuit of excellence. We have experienced incredible growth, with more than 3,300 associates and a footprint in six countries on four continents. Our customers span the healthcare ecosystem, including providers, payers, life science companies and technology firms. As a result of this influence, more than 150 million lives have been touched by Emids’ services and solutions. 

Today, Emids is at the confluence of healthcare’s digital transformation. Our associates and our capabilities will continue to play a vital role in helping our customers create a seamless, more interoperable, patient-centered ecosystem. 

However, Emids’ growth trajectory, fueled in part by our recent acquisitions, and the evolving demands of the marketplace compelled us to reassess our company’s story in a way that accommodates our scale and better reflects our culture, expertise and reputation. 

We wanted to meet the challenges and opportunities of healthcare transformation as a company united under a revitalized brand that sharpens our story and aligns us behind the singular mission of advancing the future of health through impactful technology solutions. 

This moment is the culmination of more than two years of hard work, iteration and reflection. We were focused on telling our story of partnership, domain expertise, nimbleness and our proactive approach to solving healthcare’s most pressing challenges. As we built our new brand, we aspired to distill the expanding capabilities of our organization and ground our identity in a common thematic vision.  

The result is Truth Seekers.  

This truth, in who we are and what the brand represents, is our North Star – it aligns and unifies us as a company, and differentiates us from our competitors. This new identity is not only representative of the technology solutions we create, but an embodiment of the ingenuity and innovation that runs through us all.  

This is a living statement and we are each tasked with building it, growing it and infusing it into our daily work. As Truth Seekers we are focused on digging deeper and going further to solve critical healthcare challenges. 

And we do so as one company and one brand: Emids.   

We’ve expanded our capabilities through five strategic acquisitions. By pursuing a new growth strategy, we introduced a new mix of capabilities in consulting, design, product engineering, systems integration and analytics. Our current portfolio is diverse and unparalleled, which welcomes new opportunities for Emids to play a larger role in our customer’s success.  

This brand won’t come to life with new colors and a logo – it will come to life by becoming a unifier built on action and aligned with our purpose. With time and a continued track record of customer success, we will shape and define ourselves as the new standard of excellence. 

This is a proud moment for all of us, showcasing who we are now and where we’re headed next. Welcome to the new Emids.  

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