The Emids DNA

Our recent rebranding initiative was a well-timed opportunity to set a renewed vision for our future by unlocking our true DNA. At such an inflection point, we took time to revisit our mission and values to ensure they aligned with our vision for the future.

We are truth seekers, advancing the future of health through impactful technology solutions. This mission best defines our reason for being. It’s an enduring statement that represents how our customers see us.

Our mission is what we work to achieve, but our values define how we achieve it. Together, mission and values form the culture of our organization – an implicit fabric that defines us and differentiates us as both an employer to our associates and a partner of choice for our customers.

Our Values

Trusted guides – How we engage with our customers and each other

We remain trusted advisors in the healthcare and life sciences industries. As guides, we position our customers’ success at the center of any solution we provide.

Impact obsessed – How we evolve, improve and deliver value to all

Our work affects the lives of patients and that’s why we remain impact obsessed. To create a positive impact in healthcare, we harness our pragmatism for the greater good and help our customers achieve meaningful results.

Inclusive Innovators – How we push further, solve problems and work as one

Emids is built on inclusivity and a firm belief that co-creation leads to better results. ​​

These values are the cornerstone of our organization.

Better for All

In the last five years, we’ve achieved consistent organic growth, driven by a strong commitment to customer success, the growth of our associates and our unrelenting dedication to improving lives.

Each one of us understands that embodying our values from the inside out is how we create transformative outcomes for patients, healthcare professionals and partners.

Knowing who we are and where we came from – understanding our true DNA – is what will ensure our purposeful impact on healthcare for generations to come.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our goal at Emids is to inspire a culture of diversity and belonging where we work to understand and utilize our differences to co-create better solutions for our teams, our customers, and our communities.   

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