Changing the Game: Growing our Purpose Post-Pandemic

Despite an especially challenging year, Emids has continued its journey of growth. On purpose and with purpose, every move we have made as an organization has been designed to meet the moment, increase trust and continue our mission of delivering digital transformation to our clients. 

Throughout the pandemic, healthcare evolved so rapidly and unpredictably that the industry still has a lot of questions about change. Where to start? How fast? How sustainable? And sometimes just How? 

As complex as healthcare is, we have found that the best way to address these unique challenges is to grow forward. Having the right capabilities to execute innovative solutions reinforces our reputation as a trusted partner in digital transformation to payers, providers, life sciences and technology firms. 

Innovation Through Integration

While COVID-19 was an accelerator for digital investments in healthcare, trends like value-based care were driving these investments long before, making the pandemic more of a catalyst than the cause. Technology will continue reshaping healthcare in multiple ways – and as our chosen tool to make digital doable – the future of what’s possible looks ripe with new innovations. 

These opportunities for innovation propel us to invest in companies that complement our existing expertise. With every acquisition, we have added specific capabilities that have compounded value, both near- and long-term, for our clients. 

Emids is now a global operation with more than 2,300 employees – which means change is far from easy and integrating our acquisitions is an organization-wide priority. For successful integration, we identify and leverage synergies between each enterprise to scale impact and affect major change in short order.

The Time to Accelerate 

Organizations are poised and ready to accelerate investment in digital transformation. Because of this, our unique position is in the front, leading clients through successful transformations. As their chosen partner, we work in tandem to improve digital maturity and cultivate strategic transformations, which are traditionally hard to accelerate from within. We solve pain points by harnessing emerging technologies that prompt innovative solutions and deliver real value to the consumer experience. 

There’s a lot of talk these days about healthcare consumerism. We’re witnessing a changing landscape for both consumers and healthcare, making human-centered design thinking a critical element of any go-to-market strategy. This warrants a deeper understanding of consumers to identify, evaluate and engage them in more meaningful ways. Big data will become even more instrumental in driving engagement and improving health outcomes. All of these trends, including connected devices and value-based care, are swiftly coming together to ask a new question: how do we leverage technology to keep consumers healthy in the long term?

We’re Ready

In the face of tremendous change, we are focused on growing forward, with purpose. Thanks to our recent acquisitions (and those on the horizon), we grow increasingly well-positioned to help our partners — which include more than half of all Fortune 500 healthcare and life sciences companies — solve their biggest digital transformation challenges. We’ve never been more ready.  

As the Chief Revenue Officer, Balajee Sethuraman drives the firm’s go to market strategy and growth initiatives, while driving multiple transformation threads to further consolidate Emids’ position as a digital transformation leader in Healthcare. Balajee brings over 23 years in driving strategic growth in entrepreneurial high growth settings across the United States and Europe. Balajee is a seasoned technology leader with strong commercial, operations and technology experience, helping scale businesses and pivot business to enable digital transformation. Balajee’s background cuts across Services, Products and Platforms. Connect with Balajee on LinkedIn.

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