The Challenge.

The diverse volume of patient data available to healthcare providers today offers tremendous potential for reducing costs and improving the quality of care for patients and patient populations. But managing and analyzing all the data streaming in from different sources can be challenging. Providers need help gleaning meaningful insights from this information and ensuring data is searchable, usable and secure. They need guidance on how to use this data in adherence with regulations and policies.

emids Capabilities

emids has expertise, processes and tools to help you leverage your data and find actionable insights in the shortest amount of time possible. We help you develop the healthcare metrics you need to enhance care without taking time away from patients. Our services include:

  • Data management and business intelligence (BI) accelerators with pre-built data models, a meta-driven Extract Transform Load (ETL) script generation tool and a BI test suite that reduces time and expenses to improve your ROI.
  • Comprehensive data governance with a protocol-based data quality framework to increase transparency and optimize data operations for easy analysis and reporting.

emids Experience

  • We helped a population health management company reduce data loading time for a customer relationship management system by 60 percent.
  • emids developed reporting tools to help a leading provider directory improve scalability and time to market.
  • We helped a top patient engagement firm  automate ETL processes, reducing costs by 40 percent.

We have helped providers develop actionable analytics to improve operational efficiency and patient outcomes—and we can help you harness the power of your data.

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