The Challenge

The volume of healthcare data continues to grow. Translating it into useful, meaningful information relevant to clinicians, executives and other staff is difficult for payers and providers alike. Organizations need more than just analytics comprised of ballooning datasets; they need tools for visualizing the data in front of them, so they can quickly grasp what they need to know to identify patterns, evaluate trends and turn insights into action.

emids Capabilities

emids brings expertise in data management, data governance and healthcare analytics to help you transform raw data from disparate sources into clear, compelling reports that tell a story. We can help you build multidimensional datasets that present information visually through charts, graphs and dashboards, allowing you to filter for specific views or drill down for more detail. Our tools include:

  • Data management and business intelligence (BI) accelerators with pre-built data models, a meta-driven Extract Transform Load (ETL) script generation tool and a BI test suite for faster development.
  • Technology agnostic applications that work for diverse platforms and data types and offer self-service capabilities for deeper insights.

emids Experience

  • emids modernized a BI platform for a health plan, improving data visualization and report usability by 50 percent and reducing operational costs by half.
  • We developed a scoring platform for a healthcare data analytics firm with dashboards enabling users to view performance trends and drill down from health plans to individual patients.

Discover how we can help you harness the power of your data and turn insights into action.
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