The Challenge

Leveraging data for clinical and operational benefits is a top strategic goal for healthcare organizations. Yet IT teams struggle to handle ever-growing data volumes. The timely integration and analysis of data from many disparate systems—all with different standards—is taxing and costly. Needs for data governance, including security and data quality, are also imperative to meet regulatory and other industry requirements. Meanwhile, consumers want self-service tools to save time interacting with payers and providers.

emids Capabilities

emids helps healthcare providers, payers and software vendors meet multifaceted objectives for data management and quality. We have developed proprietary business intelligence (BI) accelerators and other tools to save money and time. Every project begins with a thorough assessment and strategy for optimal results. Our services include a broad scope of data management and BI services, including:

  • Performance and data quality assessment
  • Data management and governance strategy with a roadmap
  • Architecture and design
  • Migration and consolidation of data warehouse and databases
  • Data warehouse development and maintenance
  • Data integration services
  • KPI and metrics definition
  • Report and dashboard development

emids Experience

We tackle complex data management problems across the spectrum of clinical and operational applications.

  • For a health IT vendor, we automated data management processes, improving data processing times by more than 40 percent.
  • We developed ETL architecture for a Fortune 100 insurance firm, reducing claim analysis cycle time by 25 percent.

Discover how we can help you harness the power of your data and turn insights into action.
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