The Challenge

Many healthcare organizations are planning migrations from legacy applications to modern systems to satisfy marketplace and regulatory needs. Moving to newer platforms allows for flexible infrastructure such as the cloud, enabling consumer-friendly mobile apps and real-time analytics. Yet migrations are always complicated, and no organization can risk data loss or a delayed, costly implementation. IT departments often can’t take time away from strategic initiatives to properly manage these large-scale projects.

emids Capabilities

emids brings comprehensive expertise in clinical operations—foundational for migrating healthcare applications and datasets. We deliver complete migration services, from assessment, planning and architecture design to data cleansing, testing and deployment. emids has led many legacy application migrations to cloud platforms, and uses a global delivery model to contain costs. We also bring deep experience in integrations, which are central to migration projects. We use a proven methodology of risk analysis, due diligence, education and project management to lower risks and costs for our customers.

emids Experience

  • emids designed the Extract Transform Load (ETL) architecture and rules engine for migration to a physician portal system and resolved data inconsistencies.
  • We helped a large health plan integrate its core software with healthcare exchange software, with no data loss. We built an interface for real-time extraction of enrollment data.
  • emids helped a healthcare provider examine their data quality as they moved from one EHR to the other. Through this effort, the provider was able to bring in data above and beyond the minimum data set the new EHR vendor recommended.

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