The Challenge

Integrating data across clinical systems can mean life or death for a patient when connecting medical records with pharmaceutical systems to ensure the safest prescriptions or integrating vitals with other data to predict infection risk. Integrations facilitate holistic care management across multiple providers, keeping everyone on the same page. Regulatory mandates for reporting are achieved only through connected systems. Critically, achieving value-based care through initiatives such as bundled payments is not possible without systems integration.

emids Capabilities

emids understands healthcare ecosystem challenges for connecting applications at the point of care and in the back office to support real-time decision-making. Our integration solutions and capabilities include:

  • An interface engine for EHR applications to improve communication between lab systems
  • A software tool designed to allow sharing of patient data across the care continuum
  • Middleware enabling the secure exchange of clinical data across disparate applications
  • Development of patient portals merging datasets
  • EHR to EHR integrations
  • Integration for compliance
  • Practical knowledge of HL7, NCPDP, CCDA, IHE, FHIR and other industry leading standards.

emids Experience

emids has led more than 50 clinical data integration projects.

  • We integrated a claims administrative system and a CRM system, touching 1.7 million plan members.
  • For a long-term care center chain, we integrated the skilled nursing system with the pharmacy and lab systems for more automated medication management.

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