The expertise to make data your business advantage

Healthcare payers and providers have access to more data than ever before. Many struggle with managing the growing volume of data and how to use it to their advantage. With the industry shifting from fee-for-service to value-based care, organizations need help making data interoperable and aligning claims and clinical systems to drive more coordinated care, new payment models and population health initiatives.

emids can help you navigate the options and effectively integrate your data resources.

Ensure data accuracy & quality
Integrating and analyzing data from many diverse sources can be taxing and costly. Along with the effort needed to match records among systems while determining the source of record for different data elements, healthcare organizations must also ensure data quality and security to meet regulatory and industry requirements.

Create a flexible, user-friendly analytics platform
emids has the expertise to tackle all these challenges to help you create a flexible, user-friendly analytics platform. We offer specialized tools to speed development cycles, such as BI accelerators with pre-built data models and a BI test suite.

Manage all of your data needs
Partner with emids to give you an analytics assessment and roadmap, data governance maturity assessment, master data management services, migration and much more.

Structure, analytics and insights to make your business smarter, maximize technology, and deliver care better.