The Challenge

Healthcare organizations need diverse datasets to improve patient care, grow revenues and facilitate better decisions. Yet when data quality is poor and there is no single version of the truth, the information can be more harmful than helpful. This drives up costs and risks. Incomplete or inaccurate patient records could result in someone receiving the wrong diagnosis or prescription, for example. Data governance is a set of processes, policies and standards for managing information to prevent these issues.

emids Capabilities

emids brings a process-oriented approach to data governance, consisting of data stewardship, data quality, data security and metadata management. With extensive experience in all major data warehousing technologies, we bring a technology-neutral perspective to resolve your data quality issues. Our thorough approach helps healthcare organizations achieve reporting and analytics goals to tackle strategic cost and quality improvement initiatives. emids services related to data governance include:

  • Data quality and management assessment/strategy
  • Systems integration
  • Business intelligence solution development
  • Database migration and consolidation
  • Quality assurance best practices and automation

emids Experience

  • emids built a road map to modernize the data warehouse platform for a midsize health plan, defining security and privacy policies and governance processes.
  • We eliminated data inconsistencies in a patient engagement product by improving the business logic and reduced ETL processing times by 30 percent.

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