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Healthcare payers and providers have access to more data than ever before, yet many struggle with managing the growing volume of it and using it to their advantage. With the industry shifting from fee-for-service to value-based care, organizations need help making data interoperable and aligning claims and clinical systems to drive more coordinated care, new payment models and population health initiatives. Integrating and analyzing data from so many diverse sources can be taxing and costly for IT teams. Organizations must also ensure data quality and security to meet regulatory and industry requirements as well as prevent data loss when migrating to more modern systems such as the cloud. emids has expertise for tackling all these challenges. Our solutions are tech agnostic and include established frameworks for data governance, migration, integration, management and business intelligence. We provide consulting to help you assess what you need, then execute a plan to make your data work for you.

emids has led more than 50 data integration projects, including integrating a claims and customer relationship management system for a healthcare insurance exchange touching 1.7 million lives.

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emids has delivered application consulting services to healthcare clients for nearly 20 years.
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