Nupura Kolwalkar-Rana

Chief Solutions Officer, Emids

Nupura serves as the Chief Solutions Officer at Emids, dedicated to partnering with our clients to improve the healthcare ecosystem. Her focus is on delivering strategies that benefit everyone, enhancing mental and physical well-being, and reducing healthcare costs.

With a penchant for problem-solving, Nupura collaborates with our customers to develop innovative, digital-first solutions that not only align to their strategic business requirements but also help improve healthcare access for all. Her approach revolves around using technology to elevate life quality, with a focus on human-centric automation.

Renowned for her strategic leadership in the field of Healthcare, Nupura has a rich history of creating impactful solutions for global health. She has an exhaustive experience with executive roles at ResMed, McKesson, NextGen, CIOX, Mana Health, and Pfizer, offering extensive expertise in various healthcare verticals.

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