2022 Summit Speakers

Craig Wigginton

Chief Technology Officer, Icario

Craig Wigginton is the Chief Technology Officer at Icario. With more than two decades of experience in technology leadership roles, Craig uses his vast experience in innovation and technology operations to help Icario’s clients achieve their digital transformation and consumer engagement strategies across the full spectrum of healthcare—from enrollment and quality to satisfaction and retention.

Prior to joining Icario, Craig was CTO for Altruista Health. He worked closely with health plans across the United States, leading a global team of more than 400 product, technology, and implementation professionals.

Before focusing his career on improving healthcare delivery, Craig was a founding engineer for Pharos Technologies and built large-scale solutions at several telecommunications companies, including AT&T.

Craig holds his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Northeastern University. Outside of work, Craig enjoys mountain biking, rowing, and baseball. He and his wife Anne have two teenage boys.