InQ – Digital Front Door

InQ is a customizable telehealth solution that helps healthcare providers create a virtual clinic experience that can be accessed by patients without the need for appointment or referral.


Provide Secure Telehealth Consultations

InQ is a Digital Front Door solution that enables you to provide clinician consultations remotely to patients using any device with a camera and internet access.

Clinicians pair up with patients based on answers to screening questions. In addition to care providers, InQ allows counselors, social workers, and patient family members and care providers to join the telehealth sessions.

Custom Care Pathways

InQ Supports the facilitation of custom care pathways directly in the tool, enabling clinicians to follow similar processes to what they are accustomed to for in-person care.

Care pathways are visible within the video conferencing window so that clinicians can update the care path in real-time as deeper understandings of patient needs are developed.

Patient Privacy

Privacy and security are embedded in the HIPAA compliant InQ platform, which has undergone third-party Privacy Impact Assessments and Threat Risk Assessments to validate compliance to healthcare regulations. InQ offers optional single sign-on and integration with Azure Active Directory Services so that clinicians and administrators can use the same credentials they have setup by their IT team.


Easy Care Access

Patients need only to provide their contact information and respond to a list of assessment questions before being placed in the queue to see a specialist.

In-App Messaging

Quickly communicate with clients as needed to verify details ahead of their video visit.

Customized Care Pathways

Nurses and clinicians can review client information and assign appropriate care pathways right from within the video call.

Measure Performance

Key performance indicators are captured in real-time to quantify the benefits of increased access to care, deliver information to support staffing decisions, and to continually improve the care delivery model.

Capture Satisfaction

Patients can rate their experience for each session with a clinician, giving valuable insights into the client experience.

Expand Accessibility of Care

Address care shortages and uneven distribution of specialists with an expanded geographic coverage area.

Multi-Party Conferencing

Group conferencing allows family members, essential caregivers, or translators to participate in the session.

Cloud-Native Solution

With no app to download, InQ allows patients and clinicians to access the platform on most desktop and mobile devices with a camera and internet connection.

HIPAA Verified

Verified HIPAA Compliant

We take protecting sensitive health information as seriously as our clients.

Learn more about the Compliancy Group HIPAA Seal of Compliance.

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