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HealthQ is an intake screening app that helps businesses screen employees and visitors for a custom set of symptoms and exposure risk. Assessments can be completed before arriving at your location in as little as 15 seconds.

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How It Works

Deploy Your Intake Screening App In Under an Hour

  • Customize your screening questions and distribute the link to your staff/visitors.
  • Screeners can be completed anywhere on the cross-platform web application.
  • Results are shown immediately and sent to the administrator by email.
  • Securely review data in the admin portal and initiate follow up for failed screens.

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Employee Health Check

Employees can quickly complete the screening questionnaire from anywhere and receive the results to determine if they are cleared to report to work.

Results are sent by email to admins and immediately available on the dashboard, ensuring all information is secure and only viewable by the employer.

Employees are provided with custom follow-up instructions depending on the results of their screening to fit the follow-up protocols of your organization.

Admin Dashboard

Start from scratch or one of our pre-built templates to create a screening process that meets both your needs and any local requirements.

Add additional locations to segment screening results by the metrics most important to your business.

Submitted results are displayed on the admin dashboard, giving you an overview of your entire organization. Easily sort by outcome to prioritize actions for those who require follow up.


Easy to Customize

Screening questions and branding can be customized to fit your needs.

No App to Download

Easy to access web application without the need for users to download an app.

Vaccine Attestation

Allow users to attest to vaccine status and streamline screening questions based on response.

Test Result Tracking

Track testing cadence/schedules and be notified if the user requires a new test or receives a positive result.

Admin Dashboard

Track and monitor results in the backend admin dashboard across locations.

Multi-Location Support

Collect and segment screening results by multiple locations and manage them all in the admin dashboard.

Data Retention Limits

Data retention options to store data only for the length of time your organization requires.

Switch Between Plans

Easily switch between plans as your screening needs change.

HIPAA Verified

Verified HIPAA Compliant

We take protecting sensitive health information as seriously as our clients.

Learn more about the Compliancy Group HIPAA Seal of Compliance.

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