Delivering context-aware, technology-enabled healthcare in 2021

2020 brought seismic changes that left observers with few words but “unprecedented” to describe the movements that shifted many aspects of everyday life for a majority of the populace. The global pandemic birthed a global demand — an expectation, even — for context-aware, technology-enabled healthcare when and where people need it.

While this was not the year we expected, the disruption provided momentum to forge ahead on necessary initiatives, many of which have been in the pipeline for some time. While innovations were stood up with breath-taking speed, 2021 will be a year of building on, refining and improving the groundwork laid in 2020.

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2021 Action Items for Healthcare

Digital transformation in healthcare doesn’t need to be aspirational. While innovations were stood up with breath-taking speed, 2021 will be a year of building on, refining and improving the groundwork laid in 2020. In our 2021 Outlook Report, we hope these expert insights empower your organization to deliver context-aware, technology-enabled healthcare – when and where people need it.


One in five U.S. adults experience a mental illness each year.

We’re at the tipping point of mainstream mental health. Among patients with no previous psychiatric history, a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 was associated with an increased incidence of a psychiatric diagnosis in the following 14 to 90 days.

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More than 85% of providers embraced virtual health solutions.

Telehealth is here to stay. Healthcare is being delivered untethered to an exam room or a trip to the doctor’s office. FCC and CMS regulation changes permitted, then accelerated, a shift to virtual visits, and allowed payments for tele- and virtual visits, including audio-only telephone visits.

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25% of healthcare spending can be considered wasteful.

It’s no longer about brick and mortar; it is about a value-based care model that centers on holistic care, both in-person and virtual. The challenge: drive continuity of care through digital solutions and reframe what it means to provide quality care.

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66% of consumers would consider switching providers for a better payment experience.

CIOs are challenged to deliver business value at the speed and scale necessary to justify the budget and the risk. While there is a business case for cost savings from modernizing infrastructure, the more compelling reasons are competitive advantage, expanded innovation opportunity and modernized patient experience.

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Automated processes have saved up to $96 billion in annual administrative costs.

Administrative processes are the backbone of healthcare operations, but they’re inefficient, error-prone and limit employee capacity. Coupled with improving operating models and upskilling people, automation can transform operations to increase throughput of processes and in turn enhance the consumer experience.

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“The digital transformation we commit to now has the potential to change healthcare forever.”

Michael SturmerSVP, Healthplan Marketing, Teladoc Health

"Rather than people having to go somewhere to get care, it becomes about bringing more services, more clinical capabilities into people’s local communities - their home, digitally on their devices, or in a retail setting. It’s going to require obvious changes in some regulatory environments. It’s going to require some new thinking about healthcare services, and new thinking about technologies."

Dr. Alan LotvinEVP, CVS Health; President, CVS Caremark

“Consumers own their data and we built the system around that. The regulatory framework is a catch-up to something we’ve been doing.”

Rajeev RonankiSVP and Chief Digital Officer, Anthem

"And so we were then able to use the power platform, along with our data and some good engineering resources, to quickly stand up a program so that between March and November, we delivered over a million meals to our members’ homes."

Heather CoxChief Digital and Analytics Officer, Humana

“We need our clinicians to be spending more time with patients not in front of
computers, being bad data entry clerks. We need to figure out how to digitize more of our high volume, probably low margin, low-profit workloads and that continuum of care.”

Quentin ClarkGeneral Catalyst

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