Transforming Patient Record Access Management for a leading Tennessee-based Medical Center 


Our client, one of the leading Medical Centers in Tennessee, has a wide network of hospitals as well as clinics and facilities throughout the state. During and after the pandemic there was a significant turnover of their front-office staff, and the Medical Center was dealing with a staggering backlog of thousands of documents inaccurately linked to patient records. 

In addition to this, there was a surge in the utilization of Epic MyChart Proxy Access requests and telehealth services from their customers seeking access to their family’s/patient’s medical records at the Medical Center. This resulted in a high volume of daily requests for Epic MyChart Proxy access across various patient categories.  

With limited trained staff available to handle these requests and emerging escalated internal costs the client recognized the need for an agile and sustainable solution.  

They contracted with Emids for 1) a one-time clean-up of their Epic HIM Work Queue and 2) outsourcing of their Epic MyChart Proxy Service on an ongoing basis.  


Emids delivered a robust and cost-efficient solution to address the client’s challenges during and after the pandemic. By deploying a highly skilled team of Epic specialists Emids was able to optimize and streamline the Epic Work Queue Management for HIM and MyChart Proxy Services. We enabled efficient processing of a huge backlog of documents and integration of the correct patient’s medical records ensuring patient data accuracy.  

Post the pandemic, Emids took ongoing charge of the Epic MyChart Proxy Work Queue with the aim to enhance operational efficiency and maximize productivity, while adhering to client’s internal compliance and guidelines. We provided an on-demand flexible and scalable service tailored to cater to their unique requirements to optimize resource utilization while reducing costs and expediting the workflow. 


The partnership successfully eliminated the Epic HIM Work Queue Backlog of incorrect documents mapped to the wrong patients as well as the Epic MyChart Proxy Work Queue backlog of access requests that had been affecting the Medical Center’s operations and patient satisfaction. This collaboration optimized patient safety by ensuring precise and timely record management. Emids’ team proficiently managed the daily influx of requests, resulting in significant reductions in the customers resources man-hours. This enabled the client to redirect their higher costs Epic staff towards more strategic initiatives, ultimately resulting in significant cost savings for them. 

Emids adeptly adjusted and flexed the team size to address sudden spikes in demand, delivering not only improved turnaround times but also enhanced customer satisfaction. With the challenge of time-consuming Epic Work Queue management alleviated, the client’s staff members experienced increased job satisfaction, which contributed to improving their employee retention rate. 

Emids partnered with the client, functioning as an extension of their in-house team, significantly boosting productivity and effectively addressing business challenges. This successful partnership highlights Emids’ expertise, dedication, and agility, ultimately enhancing patient experiences and customer care. 

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