Transforming IT Infrastructure for a Top-Tier Healthcare Company 

One of the largest healthcare companies in the Fortune 500 approached Emids with a vision for a modern IT ecosystem. They found themselves in a situation where their IT infrastructure and capabilities were not scalable to support their rapid growth.

These infrastructural shortcomings were not merely internal roadblocks. They directly impacted the customer experience and created friction between different businesses within the enterprise.

The customer wanted to build an IT ecosystem that would enable swift integration of its various lines of businesses from a data perspective and place them on a scalable, secure, and flexible cloud platform.

The goal was to develop an enterprise platform that supported the organization’s future organic and inorganic growth endeavors, and that also leveraged its current assets. To realize this vision, the client required a strategic partner with extensive experience in strategic consulting, data & digital engineering, and product engineering.

Emids was brought in to provide technical leadership while building a cloud data platform and various enterprise data products. Emids also supported the building of enterprise governance processes along the way to ensure data was being accessed, processed and stored in line with organizational policies.

The solution involved a three-pronged approach:

  1. Operating Model Development: Emids designed an Operating Model for a multi-tenant ecosystem grounded in four principles: Minimum friction across all interactions, Self-Service, Tenant Collaboration, and Risk Reduction. This model served as a blueprint, outlining the organization’s data-focused operations, enabling them to manage, share, and utilize data for insights and business outcomes.
  2. Data Strategy Formulation: Emids collaboratively developed a data strategy with various lines of businesses, enabling subsidiaries to use data in a self-serve manner while migrating existing data to the enterprise platform. This alignment of data strategy with the corporate vision ensured a unified data-driven culture across the organization.
  3. Enhancement of Platform Capabilities: Emids defined and prioritized platform capabilities such as DevOps patterns, infrastructure automation, test data management, data catalog, and metadata management. These capabilities empowered internal teams to build new solutions effectively and manage data efficiently.

Thanks to its deep domain expertise and outcome-oriented team, Emids delivered a modern IT ecosystem including a robust data platform to support the organization’s overall growth and collaboration among lines of businesses. The scalable and secure IT ecosystem now stands ready to support the client’s growth vision.

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