Emids Acquires Quovantis Technologies in Latest Expansion of Human-Centered, Design-Led Product Development and Software Engineering Capabilities

Deal signals the next chapter in the company’s focus on driving digital customer experience and innovation in the payer, provider and life sciences sectors

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 8, 2021) – Emids, a leader in digital engineering and transformation solutions to the healthcare and life sciences industry, today announced the acquisition of Quovantis Technologies, an award-winning user experience design and software development company that enables health technology and product companies to deliver compelling digital experiences for web, mobile and wearables. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Emids, which has built its reputation as one of healthcare’s most trusted partners for health information technology (HIT) engineering and development, is going strategically upstream with this latest deal on the heels of its acquisition earlier this year of design-led engineering firm Macadamian.

The combined expertise puts Emids in a unique position, offering its clients industry-leading data science, engineering and business strategy acumen plus the ability to take an innovative idea from concept to MVP to full-scale enterprise solution and with speed to market.

“We take a human-centered and iterative approach to innovation,” said Quovantis Founder and CEO Tarun Kohli. “Our customers don’t have to wait months to launch their products to understand a product-market fit. We help them launch products incrementally, see what we did right or wrong, and then calibrate that.”

Kumar Kolin, Emids Chief Technology Officer, said “The addition of Quovantis now gives us permission to say, let us sit down with you to think about the problem you’re trying to solve for, let’s help you build, test and iterate that solution, and let’s see it all the way through with you and help figure out how to scale it for the enterprise. This puts Emids on the map as a top-tier product development partner, capable of the design, build and large-scale commercialization of novel digital ideas and technologies.”

Emids sees this as an increasingly important capability in the midst and wake of COVID-19, where Emids’ deep healthcare domain expertise puts its partners at a distinct competitive advantage in bringing mobile, web, cloud and emerging technology solutions to market faster.

Kohli describes Quovantis as, “The company that gets married to the users’ problems and creates delightful solutions using the combination of design, strong engineering culture, and iterative development approach. I like to think of design-led engineering as the connective tissue that brings Emids customers the benefit of nimbleness combined with a deep understanding of design-led engineering in the entire healthcare stack.”

About Quovantis Technologies

Quovantis is an award-winning user experience design and software development company that enables health technology and product companies to deliver compelling digital experiences for web, mobile and wearables. With close to 300 skilled engineers, designers, and software architects, Quovantis has been recognized as one of India’s Top 50 Great Mid-size Workplaces as well as among India’s Top 75 Best Workplaces for Women by the Great Place to Work® Institute. Learn more at http://www.quovantis.com.

About Emids

Emids is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions to the healthcare industry, serving payers, providers, life sciences, and technology firms. Headquartered in Nashville, Emids helps bridge critical gaps in providing accessible, affordable, and high-quality healthcare by providing digital transformation services, custom application development, data engineering, business intelligence solutions, and specialized consulting services to all parts of the healthcare ecosystem. With over 2,300 professionals globally, Emids leverages strong domain expertise in healthcare-specific platforms, regulations, and standards to provide tailored, cutting-edge solutions and services to its clients.

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