Cloud-Based Web Application for Clinical Trial Design and Optimization 


Our client, a multinational statistical software development and contract research organization, is one of the largest providers of statistical software and advanced analytics for clinical trial design and execution. They sought to develop a cloud-based web application to optimize clinical trial design and management, aiming to reduce risks, improve operational efficiency, protect patient safety, and enable informed, data-driven decisions during initial trial design and on an ongoing basis. 

The objectives were to launch a multi-tenant SaaS application, offer real-time trial design alterations, enhance engine capability to handle more complex algorithms, provide a premium user experience, enable real-time application monitoring, and facilitate easy customer onboarding. Additionally, the application was intended to help development teams reach data-driven consensus rapidly and collaboratively through interactive visuals. 


Emids’ dedicated teams embarked on the journey in February 2020, starting with knowledge transfer sessions and stakeholder visits. We built a robust foundation with the formation of core and scrum teams, and an initial four-week immersion in the client’s location. 

We focused on incorporating agile framework and practices into the client system, with regular sprints to accelerate the alpha release. Infrastructure recalibration, architecture optimization, and automation were some of the key steps towards the successful alpha release. 

The solution’s architecture was designed to be highly scalable, with a microservices-based approach and built-in application performance monitoring. We leveraged tools like Jest, Xunit, and JSLint for unit testing and integrated code quality reports. The CI/CD pipeline was automated, and we used CoreAccel and Pendo integration to enhance the platform’s functionality. 


By deploying multiple scrum teams with domain and technology expertise, we fast-tracked development and launched the application 1.0 within two quarters of engagement. The result was a green field, cloud-based SaaS platform with end-to-end ownership, from architectural design and product ownership to production deployment. 

The new platform, equipped with superior compute power, can simulate 150k models simultaneously, providing real-time notifications. The platform has increased the probability of success for clinical trials and saved weeks to months of time by achieving consensus faster. It has delivered a potential business impact of 10-20% cost savings for drug trials and a 10-20% reduction in drug trial durations. 

The engagement also led to the development of a highly secure SDLC, compliant with OWASP top 10 web application security. By following a test-first approach and using code quality tools, we reduced defects and prevented manual errors. This successful engagement has underscored Emids’ dedication, nimbleness, and impact, making a real difference in the field of clinical trial design and execution. 

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