The Challenge

Installing a new platform presents enormous complexities. So much more than an IT project, an implementation requires senior leaders to gain buy-in across an organization for entirely new ways of working – while managing long-term benefits against the short-term urgency to realize platform value now. Additionally, the need to control the cost of the implementation, accelerate the implementation process, and limit risk are factors increasing the complexity of the implementation. In most organizations, installing a new EHR or administration system is the single most impactful project ever done.

emids Capabilities

emids capabilities can assist clients with all aspects of their EHR or core administration implementation projects. Our experienced consultants, along with proven tools and methodologies, enable us to engage at any point during an implementation project and help ensure our clients success. Capabilities include:

  • Strategic Implementation Planning – to set a path for the implementation in line with organizational vision and goals
  • Implementation – to plan, design, deploy, and optimize the technology in conjunction with the system vendor’s methodology
  • Training – to develop and manage training needed for all end users, providing skilled trainers as well as Training leadership
  • Activation – to provide peer-to-peer at the elbow support so client staff can focus on patient care and operations from day one of using a new system

emids can help achieve clinical and financial goals on time and on plan. At every step of the implementation journey, teams will be equipped with the tools and mentoring needed to master any challenges, long after go live.

emids Experience

emids has Implementation experience with many prestigious healthcare organizations covering a wide range of services. Examples of clients and service provided include:

    • EHR Implementation: Large Regional Health System with Academic Medical Center and Research Organization
      • RFP Development and Evaluation
      • Pre-Implementation Planning
      • System Development
      • Training Development
      • Go-Live and Post-Live Support
    • EHR Implementation: Nationally Renowned Cancer Center
      • RFP Development and Evaluation
      • Pre-Implementation Planning
      • Training Development and Delivery of 14,000 staff
    • EHR Implementation: Academic Medical Center and Teaching Hospital in the Northeast
      • System Selection Validation
      • Total Cost of Ownership
      • Workflow Analysis
      • Pre-Implementation Planning
    • Core Administration Implementation: Large Commercial Health Plan in the Southeast
      • System Selection and Ops Planning
      • Build vs. Buy Assessment
      • Claims Platform Implementation
      • Portal Development

After more than a decade of completing implementations, emids has the experience for any aspect, and the client feedback reinforcing the value of services provided.

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