The Challenge

A drastic shift has occurred in healthcare related to the generation, consumption, storage and sharing of data. With widespread cloud adoption, the industry is now met with overwhelming challenges such as unique security requirements and clinician and administrative workflow changes.

But, healthcare organizations that are leveraging the cloud are gaining efficiencies, optimizing workflows, lowering the costs associated with healthcare delivery and offering personalization in care plans to improve outcomes.

emids Capabilities

The emids Cloud Center of Excellence team deploys the cloud by combining a seamless, modern, secure and agile journey from in-house IT to a cloud infrastructure. Utilizing digital transformation at speed and scale, organizations are able to leverage the full potential of cloud.

We help you extract maximum value across the complete lifecycle by bringing together applications, infrastructure and security with:

emids Offerings

Cloud Assessment and Advisory Services

  • Cloud readiness assessment framework
  • Cloud strategy assessment to evaluate the existing application stack and develop a roadmap for migration
  • FHIR implementation framework
  • HIPAA compliance framework & reference architectures
  • Design and selection of optimal cloud models, such as private or hybrid, along with selection of cloud infrastructure vendors
  • Application assessment and migration roadmap planning
  • Assess Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Cloud governance strategy, incorporating security, privacy and data quality

Cloud Application Migration

  • Cloud migration assessment with our migration framework
  • Configuration, security and compliance requirements to minimize the risk of migration
  • Develop a robust and fool proof application migration strategy on the basis of your business requirements
  • Design a cloud migration plan, based on your destination environment and migration strategy
  • Execute the migration while ensuring or minimizing the downtime

Cloud Engineering Services

  • Develop efficient and cloud native applications
  • Automation of existing manual process to leverage cloud infrastructure
  • Monitoring cloud application performance and availability
  • Administration and management of services deployed on cloud
  • Cloud migration assessment with our migration framework
  • Create reusable service template for multi cloud and hybrid cloud environment
  • DevOps implementation to accelerate software and service delivery

Structure, analytics and insights to make your business smarter, maximize technology and deliver care better.