The Challenge

Big data, the next technological revolution in IT, is a broad term for large and complex datasets where traditional data processing applications are insufficient. The integration of these enormous data sets is quite complicated, and an organization may face numerous challenges during the integration process including analysis, data curation, capture and sharing. Right now, there are three prominent industry challenges including: the uncertainty faced by the data management landscape, the capability to get data into the big data platform and the ability to synchronize data across all sources.  

Though the volume, variety and velocity of big data is well known, it can still be overwhelming for IT practitioners who are unprepared for the scale and variety of data to be absorbed by the big data platform.  

emids Capabilities

emids capabilities can help clients achieve their big data platform transformations by providing these essential offerings. Capabilities include: 

Consulting Services

  • Big Data Readiness and Maturity Assessment 
  • Strategy and Roadmap Definition 
  • Migration Planning and Transformation Strategy Form Legacy  
  • Big Data Governance Maturity Assessment 
  • Platform Evaluation and Selection  
  • Technology Evaluation and POCs 
  • Analytics and Data Management COEs Setup   
  • Semantic Data Model Development Services 

Big Data Management Services 

  • Enterprise Big Data Architecture and Management 
  • Data Ingestion Services with Real-Time Capabilities 
  • Data Lake Implementation 
  • MDM, Data Governance and Quality for Big Data Systems   
  • Metadata Management and Security 
  • Data Lake and Big Data Platform Development and Maintenance  
  • Data Quality as Service with Rule-Based Solutions 
  • Data Governance and Data Stewardship Operationalization 
  • Cloud Migration/Consolidation & Upgrade Services 

Visualization and Reporting Services 

  • Reporting and Visualization Strategy Implementation 
  • Migration from Reporting to Visualization
  • Business/Domain-Driven Reports Rationalization and Consolidation
  • Business and Operations focused KPI and Metrics Definition
  • Self-Service and Analytic Development
  • Maintenance and Enhancement Services
  • Cross-Platform Migration and Version Upgrades
  • Unified Reporting Portal Development 
  • Support and Operations for Ongoing Analytics Platforms 

Big Data and Analytics Services 

  • Big Data Platform Setup and Implementation 
  • Data Monetization – Use Cases Identification & Prototypes 
  • Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics 
  • RealTime Analytical Services 
  • Model Development, On-Going Support, Monitoring & Enhancement 
  • Data Science, ML, NLP and Artificial Intelligence Services 
  • Data Distribution and Self-Service Data Preparation Platform Development 
  • Unification of Analytical Reports and Tools with Abstraction Layer  

emids Experience

emids designed and developed the healthcare industry’s largest unified enterprise data lake platform for a leading healthcare analytics company which, to date, comprises: 

  • 75+ million members 
  • 5.9+ billion medical claims 
  • 1.6+ billion RX claims 
  • 829+ million lab  
  • 5.5+ million provider  

Specific payer engagement success stories: 

  • Developed cloud-based big data analytics platforms for risk adjustment, RAPS, and population health analytics for 150M+ unique patients, 13.3B medical events and 848,000 providers for a leading healthcare information technology company. 
  • Analyzed overpayment analytics during a 7+ year engagement resulting in the identification of $765 million refunds for 14.5 million claims. Developed  85 algorithms and reduced claims analysis time by 25% for a leading healthcare provider. 
  • Created enterprise analytics to support a modern PHM platform for 25+M behavioral health, 25+M specialty health and 13+M Rx members. Also improved quality reporting and compliance/risk management and reduced revenue leakage and operational costs.

Learn how we can help you tap into diverse data streams for meaningful insights and better population health management.
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