The Challenge

Medical management. Consumer focus. Collaboration and convergence. Clinical effectiveness. Real world research.

Enabling these payer and pharma initiatives require huge changes to “business as usual,” including the supporting IT environment. At the same time, margins are shrinking. To afford the transformation the market demands, you must find a way to run your core business with increased cost and efficiency. emids can help lift the burden of the routine from your organization with our hyper-led automation services.

emids Capabilities

Let emids give you the bandwidth and budget to focus on the future. We can help you automate to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Repurpose your hard-to-find HIT staff on strategic efforts
  • Lift the time and cost of maintaining and integrating with your healthcare legacy system

We have solutions for in-sprint, DevOps and QA testing automation.

emids Experience

  • emids helped a cost-management services company automate decision support, reducing pre-authorization processing time by 45%
  • For a population health provider, emids automated testing, reducing release cycle time by 20% and saving approximately $200,000 annually
  • We helped a customer engagement platform vendor automate data management and testing, improving data processing times by 40%
  • emids helped a large health plan automate claims processing through auto-adjudication