As a strategic partner for healthcare organizations implementing automation across the continuum of care, our solutions encompass Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Automation (AI/ML/NLP) and conversational AI-Digital Assistants.

Our proven, scalable approach to automation ensures the delivery of exceptional results, including:

  • Yield a positive ROI 
  • Reduce costs on wasteful spending
  • Improve process efficiencies & productivity
  • Minimize dependency on outdated, manual processes
  • Increased capacity for employees to focus on higher-value tasks

To date, emids has enhanced healthcare organizations of all sizes with 450+ bots in production, implemented 100+ RPA/process consults and actualized $25+ million in cumulative savings.

Our Approach

Our experts can improve financial performance and deliver transformation at scale.

  • Investment based model – Automation Lab
    • Guaranteed ROI through gain share models, identifying, mapping and implementing high-impact automation
  • Scalable engagement model – Citizen Developer Automation
    • Deliver scalable solutions that optimize current workflows and enables long-term success 
  • Ideation framework approach to enable scaling
    • A business library of 400+ use cases, allowing customers to review and adopt the right solution

Our Solutions

RPA & Intelligent Automation

  • Expertly designed automation workflows to improved automation productivity and ease of maintenance
  • Proven frameworks to drive value and ROI based on successful use cases 
  • A scalable framework that delivers insights, manages unstructured data and automates decision-making through intelligent automation
  • Intelligent process discovery through process mining
Our Impact
  • 468+ payer use case inventory
  • 100+ provider use case inventory
  • 25+ life sciences use case inventory
  • 50+ technical reusable components
  • 17+ business reusable use cases 
  • 8+ packaged solutions
For Payers
  • Claims Adjudication – Reduced turnover time from 5 Days to 2
  • Pre-Authorization – Reduced turnaround time by approximately 60%
  • Appeals & Grievances – Reduced routing time from 15 to 3 min, reducing effort by approximately 65%
  • Provider Credentialing – Improved cycle time by approximately 70%
For Providers
  • Automated Medical Coding –  Reduced coding denials by approximately 40% and improved auditor review efficiency by 50-60%
  • Pre-Authorization – Reduced turnaround time by approximately 60%
  • AR Follow-Up – Claim status check and follow-ups increased net collection rate to 60%

Intelligent Virtual Agents 

  • Our AI-powered digital assistant, driving population engagement across an organization and the continuum of care
Our Impact
  • 85% improvement in compliance adherence 
  • 30% incident reduction on same day SLA
  • 20% productivity improvements & 30% support team optimization
  • 50% less training time

AI Advisor Tools  

  • Self-service capabilities to accelerate predictive analytics
  • An AWS-based solution to convert voice recordings straight to text
Our Impact
  • 30% improvement in customer satisfaction
  • 25% reduction in no-shows
  • Up to 30% of support tasks automated
  • Up to 80% turnover time improvement

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)  

  • Enact high-volume claim processing, provide appeal and pricing data extraction 
  • Automation of data extraction, evaluation, ingestion, categorization and processing from varied document types
  • Enable self-service capabilities to accelerate insights with predictive analytics
Our Impact
  • 50% – 60% improved auditor review frequency
  • 40% faster processing across claims, providers contracts and fee setup

Our Expertise

  • RPA – UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism & Microsoft -Power Automate
  • Process Mining Tools – Minit, FortressIQ & Celonis 
  • IDP tools – MS Visio, AWS Textract, Azure Form Recognizer, Google Doc AI & ABBY
  • Conversational AI – Microsoft Luis & Amazon Lex

Let's Talk

Today, automation isn’t just a must-have – it’s necessary for successful healthcare operations. 

With emids, you have a partner that understands healthcare and how to integrate solutions across the enterprise for maximum impact. To transform your organization with automation, contact us.