The Go-To Resource on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Meet CoreASSIST. The Digital Assistant powered by emids to support you and your organization with COVID-19 engagement and management. This automated platform answers questions specific to COVID-19 in real-time, serving as the go-to resource in your time of need.


Digital Assistant Platform

Single Interface

Gives you control over COVID-19 information being shared with your population

HIPAA Compliant

Integrates data from reliable and verified resources


Lives on an SSL-enabled website

24/7 Solution

Has an SLA with 99.9% availability

Fast Implementation

Functions on your designated platform in one week

The Digital Assistant designed to answer member, patient and employee COVID-19 questions.

Business Use Cases

Payers, Providers & Health Tech Organizations: COVID-19 Resource Center

CoreASSIST interfaces with your organization’s resources and industry-identified resources to provide your population with answers to COVID-19 questions around testing, coverage, symptoms and other key areas. The platform can be white labeled and live on your homepage or other area designated for COVID-19 information.

Employers: Employee Alerts & Notifications

CoreASSIST keeps your employees engaged and informed during this crisis with individualized employer-to-employee communication channels. The platform can address your travel policies, connecting to IT and other services, public health communications, health plan coverage and general FAQs.

Industry Wide: Help Desk Support

CoreASSIST serves as a resource for your Call Center representatives to answer ever-changing questions related to COVID-19. The platform ingests industry and organization-specific data for representatives to have at their fingertips. The single interface uses simple language and requires no training, allowing for quick and easy integration and usage.

CoreASSIST Features

Conversational Assistant

Conducts a self-introduction, greeting & identifies users


Learns through built-in AI capabilities

NLP Features

Alerts users, understands language and answers all queries through NLP features

Share Assets

Answers questions, shares links to documents, webpages and videos

Integration and Automation

Logs tickets, integrates with internal systems (LMS, CMS, HRP, etc.) and allocates a real agent


Generates reports via a dashboard to create insights & trends

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