The Challenge

Healthcare IT companies must develop and upgrade products in response to ongoing regulatory, marketplace and competitive needs. Migration of applications to new platforms, such as the cloud or mobile, can maximize efficiencies and flexibility to meet these demands, yet modernization projects are complex and carry significant risk. If done too quickly or without proper planning, the entire application suite will suffer from security, performance or data loss. Costs will also go up.

emids Capabilities

emids brings knowledge in payer operations, clinical systems and Meaningful Use requirements to help your engineering team efficiently transition critical applications to new environments. We offer:

  • Established best practices in application modernization across all major technologies
  • A phased, integrated approach to lower risks and avoid unnecessary costs
  • Decades of technical expertise across systems integration, data migration, infrastructure and testing for healthcare applications
  • DevOps and Agile development and testing expertise
  • Global delivery model for quick ramp-up and continuous productivity across time zones

emids Experience

emids rewrote a legacy EHR application for the cloud, deploying several modules including allergy management, eRx and a patient portal. We also developed an interoperability engine and a mobile application. There was no loss of data during the migration, and the improved user experience supports better medical outcomes.

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