The driving force behind digital transformation – across every industry – is the consumer.

Healthcare organizations must evolve to meet the demands of the modern consumer all while simplifying healthcare’s unique complexities—of data, payment, culture, organizations, regulations, ethics and human beings.

To guide you on your digital transformation journey, we’ve developed The Elements of Simple, a how-to guide to succeed in a digital-first world using human-led solutions to navigate our industry’s unique complexities. It’s our way of helping you make digital doable.

Download the guide to learn how to maximize technology to fundamentally alter the business of care delivery.

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Being a digital organization is the first step to developing a solid digital strategy.


It’s imperative to seek strategies for improving the patient experience.


Determine how the use of data will add value and help achieve your desired outcomes.


Use a holistic approach, looking at emotional, physical and socio-economic factors to understand the person vs. the patient.


Work outside the box with a consumer-centric approach to best position your organization to succeed.

Jumpstart your digital transformation with our Elements of Simple Checklist.

Digital Insights from Leading Enterprises

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“At HCA we’re making digital doable by bridging our many platforms into one unified system. The tool sets are there for all of us to utilize. Yes, you can build some, you can buy some, but what are you going to do with the information to transform either your provider experience or the implications to your patients and improve patient care.”

— Ryan Dorr, CIO, HCA Physician Services Group

“If your business objectives, or your decision making is not aligned with data, the data they want to culture won’t be there. You can’t manage something that you can’t measure, and you can’t improve if you can’t measure or you can’t manage.”

— Rohit Kumar, Executive Director, Aetna

Discover how organizations leverage data to power better business.

Learn how human-led solutions drive business transformation in a demanding digital world.

“Because the consumer doesn’t care that we’re collecting data in six places. What they care about is making that experience cost-effective, convenient and something that they’ll enjoy coming back to again.”

— Phil Suitor, Chief Wellness Officer, Walmart

Healthcare is full of unique complexities.

When you partner with emids, you collaborate with a leader who understands the whole picture and can help unlock the power of your most valuable assets: your people and your data.


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