The Framework to Making Digital Doable

In keeping with tradition, the afternoon prior to our annual Healthcare Summit & CMA Celebration, we gathered a diverse group of 23 leaders responsible for spearheading digital efforts at their respective organizations for candid conversation around digital transformation and data-related challenges facing their industries, organizations and them, as individuals.

Participants in the lively roundtable discussed shared difficulties, challenged each other’s approaches, articulated successes and most importantly, came to a consensus on a basic, four-step framework for how they – and their organizations – can harness the power of data to make digital doable.

Key takeaways include:

  • Define your why. Clearly articulate why digital is an organizational priority rather than another shiny object.
  • Make meaningful goals. Create specific, quantifiable goals that are aligned with pre-established organizational priorities.
  • Get buy-in on carving a consumer-centric path forward.Ensure efforts are centered on customer experience and have buy-in at the highest level.
  • Assess your success. Conduct an honest retrospective on your process, pitfalls and achievements.

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