Creating Consistent, Reliable and Accurate Data to Measure Quality, Patient Safety and Cost of Care and to Enable Interoperability

In recent years across many sectors, consumers have been the force behind disruptive change. They don’t want poor selection or friction when trying to purchase a product or service. They want fair prices and more convenient experiences. They like using social media to make purchasing decisions. They don’t put up with organizations that treat them like a number instead of a human being with valid concerns. In the healthcare industry, technology and a consumer orientation can enable this personalized, retail-like experience.

More than 150 thought leaders across payer, provider, life sciences, healthcare technology and consumer industries recently gathered in Nashville, Tennessee, on Nov. 8 to explore opportunities and challenges in healthcare. Attendees at the fourth annual emids Healthcare Summit discussed the pressing need to improve how they attract, retain, influence and support healthcare consumers. Some discussed the tension from entities that have been at odds with each other for decades—payers and providers—and the need for everyone to get on the same page.

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