Prioritizing Your Digital Outcomes with Technology and Innovation

At emids, we understand your priorities during complex times in healthcare because we see it from all sides. We work with providers, payers and health tech firms. We’ve witnessed the convergence of payers and providers firsthand and have a unique perspective of what the future may hold in a post-COVID world.

As healthcare’s digital transformation leader, we know the importance of prioritizing your digital outcomes with technology and innovation as a solution and look forward to partnering with you. Download the COVID-19 Resource Kit to see how we can support you to ensure you are digitally-enabled as we start to understand the long-term impact our industry is facing.


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Mobilize Your Resource Center

Digital Assistant for population engagement and management

Manage Your Data with Predictive Analytics

AI-based solution platform from Lumiata implemented by emids

Implement Virtual Epic Health Desk Solutions through MyChart

24/7 on-demand patient support solution facilitated by emids

Accelerate Your Emergency Response

No-charge ServiceNow workflow apps implemented by emids

FCC Telehealth Advisory Services

Strategically plan and execute telehealth initiatives