Creating End User EHR Satisfaction

Do you feel like each day is full of EHR complaints from end users? Is there a path forward that lets you respond while building on your existing EHR investment?

Much recent research points to the cost of EHRs in terms of time and money. As complaints grow, they come back to one theme repeatedly: clearly, the EHR market is ripe with opportunities to improve the user experience. At the same time, most healthcare organizations have invested huge efforts to bring the current EHR live. 

In this white paper, we review how the EHR market is likely to change and advise on how to view your current EHR with that changing market in mind. We discuss the potential impact of technologies, including:

  • Application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • The cloud
  • Open source EHRs

After reviewing how each of these could change healthcare, we discuss what the EHR future could mean for provider organizations and how to chart that future with the EHR you have now.

Download our white paper for more.

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