Blocking Barriers to Digital Transformation

The afternoon prior to our annual Healthcare Summit & CMA Celebration, we gathered a group of c-suite and executive leaders responsible for strategy, investment and pushing innovation within their organizations for a candid conversation on the barriers blocking true digital transformation in healthcare. The 34 leaders who participated in the intimate discussion were representative of the year’s 200-plus Summit attendees.

While at times it may have seemed like we have a bleak future ahead of us when it comes to digital transformation, participants in the active, and sometimes tense, roundtable shared difficulties, challenged each other’s point of views, and most importantly, discussed the basic framework for how they – and their organizations – can avoid the barriers blocking digital transformation.

Key takeaways include:

  • Define quality healthcare and focus on the patient.
  • Don’t assume every patient is the same.
  • Populate useful data.
  • Convergence is key.

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