emids Supports Catalyzing Change as the Theme of National Health IT Week

National Health IT (NHIT) Week was last week, Oct. 8-12. This annual nationwide awareness week, sponsored by HIMSS, focuses on catalyzing actionable change within the U.S. health system through the application of information and technology. At emids, we are proud to support HIMSS in this very important celebration every year. This year’s theme was Catalyzing Change, and our mission centers around catalyzing change and helping bridge the critical gaps in accessible, affordable and high-quality healthcare. Healthcare IT is extremely integral to patient care and supporting healthcare transformation.

emids works with providers, payers and health tech companies to help identify the innovative ways in which change can be made. We sit at the intersection of healthcare and technology, working with clients to help them achieve their digital transformation objectives. We understand the enormity of today’s health care regulations and the current limitations to providers, payers and healthcare tech companies. Our participation in NHIT Week mirrors emids’ vision and mission – and is, in essence, at the core of who we are as an organization.  

A significant point of engagement during NHIT Week was supporting healthcare transformation. Most organizations realize the need for transformation in their healthcare delivery but are not exactly sure where to begin. Because of the complexity of this industry, it may be that a company is reluctant to be the first in their niche to implement change. But we should not be afraid of technology we must embrace it. At the end of the day, it’s about healthcare transformation and what we can do from an IT perspective to help make patient care and the patient experience more effective.

There are two aspects of change I want to highlight. First, change is an incremental process. At emids, we believe in working back from core objectives into what we call “granular micro projects.” This approach allows for steady progress and mitigates the risk of an initiative failing because “one large project was started for the sake of change without all the operating micro parts aligning together.” Second, most change initiatives need a strong underlying technology layer to be functional and practically institutionalized. At emids, we are working with multiple clients to create strong data governance and data management functionalities as a spearhead for digital transformation. Without this, an organization cannot do justice to true patient engagement and patient experience initiatives.

We have reached a point where healthcare doesn’t have a choice but to move forward with this pressing need. Consumer access to high-quality care sits precisely at the healthcare and technology intersection I previously mentioned. We will continue to embrace digital transformation and discover even more effective ways to work with our clients – enabling not only more access and change, but ultimately making communities healthier.

emids is proud to celebrate National Health IT Week and all that health IT has done, and will continue to do, to help pave the way in supporting healthcare transformation, expanding access to high-quality healthcare and making communities healthier.

Prithwi Dasgupta focuses on strategic initiatives and operations of emids’ Healthcare Technology Services (HTS) business unit. He also oversees the Healthcare Practice division. As a technology products and services specialist, Prithwi has more than more than 14 years of experience across Asia Pacific and the U.S. in business development, product management, marketing, account management and consulting. Be sure to connect with Prithwi on LinkedIn.

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