Social Determinants of Health

Health and wellbeing cannot solely be addressed within the confines of what happens within the four walls of the doctor’s office. Factors like economic and social conditions – outside of the healthcare system – can have a larger impact on overall health and wellbeing. Neighborhood walkability and poverty level are strongly linked to where you live. Factors like these shape our lives daily, affecting how we experience the world, the choices we make and, ultimately, how healthy we are.

These factors contributing to our health and wellbeing are referred to as Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). They can overwhelm and counteract even the best medical care.

Download this document to learn how you can advance your SDOH strategy to to create solutions in response to current and future health challenges. You’ll learn about:

  • Solutions for broader improvement of member health
  • How to incorporate SDOH into standard operating practices
  • Interventions to amplify efforts towards better overall care
  • Successful care strategies

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