emids is expanding. We’re in London now.

The United Kingdom, along with the rest of Europe, offers a wealth of life-sciences talent and expertise, and is home to many life-science firms with branches in USA,” says Saurabh Sinha, CEO and Co-Founder of emids. The possibility of tapping into this thriving healthcare hub prompted us to open a third office in London, UK.

emids is deemed as one of the top 3 Healthcare IT firms in Nashville. We are today 1500 employees strong, with a presence in Bangalore, India, and Nashville, USA. Our expansion into London strengthens our ability to offer IT services and solutions to the healthcare industry worldwide.

This move also allows us to build a truly global team and be available to our clients/ partners almost 24/7. We now operate in multiple time zones!

The healthcare industry wants to provide high-quality and personalized patient services. In this scenario, it needs support with key capabilities such as data integration/ governance, software development/ testing, and business intelligence. Our expertise in healthcare IT positions us to uniquely address this need for payers, providers, as well as tech-enablers. Since the U.K. is a recognized leader in the life-sciences and pharmaceutical industry, our expansion into London is a natural next step along the growth path.

As of today, we serve more than 60 organizations. And our growth into a third location will help us serve more clients. We are excited! Stay tuned to know how this journey unfolds.

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