emids Connects With Medical Technology Leaders Developing Innovations of the Future at The MedTech Conference

emids got a front-row seat to exciting innovations ahead for providers and payers at The MedTech Conference in San Jose, Calif., Sept. 25–27. One of largest annual gatherings of medical technology professionals in North America, the conference drew more than 2,500 industry leaders and 1,000 companies showcasing the latest in medical devices and the technology layers enabling those devices.

As emphasized at the conference, the real innovations taking place revolve around how medical devices are being integrated into clinical and financial systems and as part of the evolving Internet of Things (IoT), says senior vice president of sales and marketing Michael Hollis, who was part of the emids team in attendance.

The conference featured two days of discussions on issues such as interoperability, proper data management and diplomacy between system. Another hot topic was device and technology integration with electronic medical records (EMRs), finance systems and revenue cycle systems. Innovators showcased medical devices and life sciences products in development that will help providers and payers deliver more effective, efficient care.

“The data coming out of these devices—some as simple as a glucose meter and as far-reaching as an implantable radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips in someone’s heart—feeds clinical and financial decisions that can mean the difference between profit and loss,” Hollis says.

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