emids Brings CIOs Together to Talk Value Creation for Healthcare Consumers

Creating value for consumers is top of mind for CIOs throughout the healthcare industry today. It can also be challenging with all of the financial and regulatory constraints that healthcare organizations face. That’s why we’re bringing together technology leaders of major healthcare firms as well as leading consumer brands to share their ideas on how to achieve this during our second annual CIO roundtable, coming up Nov. 8 at the emids Healthcare Summit & CMA Celebration in Nashville, Tennessee.

As part of our two-day networking and thought leadership event, we’re hosting this invitation-only roundtable to discover more about the challenges CIOs are encountering as they help their organizations adapt to consumerism and learn their strategies for using technology to meet the needs of the future healthcare consumer. We’ll hear from CIOs of leading payer, provider and health IT firms, as well as executives from Nike and Amazon.

As we explored in our inaugural CIO roundtable report, today’s tech-savvy consumers are changing the business of healthcare—and organizations are looking to their CIOs to help them set the right course for the future in an industry that is increasingly becoming more consumer-driven and value-based. Many technology leaders are now on the front lines of helping their organizations drive business growth and improved outcomes—often with limited resources at their disposal.

Last year’s panelists discussed this changing landscape and how they were navigating it. They agreed that, though healthcare is different from most industries, executives could learn a lot from observing how other service-oriented fields are meeting consumer needs through conveniences like online scheduling and other technologies that make access to care and information easier than ever. Panelists also shared how they were creating value for consumers while balancing financial and regulatory pressures.

This year’s roundtable will delve further into value creation and how CIOs can maximize these opportunities to help their organizations transform business models and care delivery to meet consumer needs. Watch for our upcoming CIO roundtable report for more insights.

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