CMA 14: Preparing to meet healthcare consumerism

From Saurabh Sinha.
Founder and CEO.

A few years ago, the landscape of American healthcare began changing like never before. Largely driven by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, members of the healthcare ecosystem – hospitals, health systems, payers and others – have had to radically shift their strategies in the face of new challenges and opportunities.

Out of healthcare reform has emerged a trend of consumerism. Consumerism puts patients in control of their healthcare, and challenges an existing system that is based on episodic care. The future is all about wellness across the spectrum of patient care (across episodes), and individual consumer choice supported by transparency.

With the inaugural Healthcare Summit, we sought to bring together some of the industry’s brightest minds for discussion and debate about the challenges and opportunities presented by the rise of consumerism. In order to gain diverse perspectives, we gathered leaders from all areas of the industry, including hospitals, health plans, HIT service providers and more. The conversations that took place on our panels, and among attendees, were truly encouraging as we look to foster innovation and facilitate discourse that will shape the future and the repair of the American healthcare system.

A sincere thanks goes to our panelists, supporting sponsors, the Nashville Health Care Council and all our attendees. We look forward to an equally engaging Summit in 2015.

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