Improve quality, implement value-based payments and meet regulatory measures

Industry pressures have made population health (PHM) and care management essential for both payers and providers. And enabling PHM requires sophisticated, integrated IT solutions and data. Healthcare must hardwire performance and payment in new, consumer-centric care processes to advance PHM.

emids’s Population Health consultants combine payer and provider insight in our PHM projects. Payers and providers can improve care delivery and manage costs to help you:

  • Grow Your PHM Capabilities. Defines a phased approach to growing your PHM capabilities from your existing organization and IT environment. Identifies the major people, process and technology impacts for each phase.
  • Bridge the Gap Between Technology and Operations. emids’ clinical and technical experts can assist with project management, business process design, change management. These consultants also can provide insight into data sources and appropriate PHM IT metrics.
  • Relieve The Maintenance Burden. Outsource your PHM IT tasks and help with PHM source systems, clinical content change, platform testing, implementing mobile platforms and more.
  • Integrate Clinical Data. Collect the information and analytics for pay-for-performance programs by converting data into useable formats, creating a standard set of metrics, highlight key performance indicators and provide reimbursement insights.
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