The Challenge

The healthcare industry has placed a significant number of demands on IT Service Management solution organizations, making it difficult to meet the industry’s increasing mandates. Resolution can be slow because IT is oftentimes working on repetitive solution processes.

Time-consuming tasks such as manually categorizing incidents including routing and reassignment can make it difficult to provide innovative solutions and cause delay in time to market. Another issue could be that poor catalog interface and the lack of properly defined catalog items can make it challenging for users to find and request services. In addition, reliance on multiple catalog applications involving emails, phone calls and walk-ins add to the struggles many end-users may experience. Disparate applications and data, and the lack of insight into the service delivery, could ultimately hinder reporting and service improvement.

emids Capabilities

The emids team of ServiceNow experts can help you implement IT Service Management solutions designed to:

  1. Boost your IT productivity and performance, and the overall impact of IT, by automatically assigning mundane tasks such as routing requests to relevant assignment groups and auto-categorization.
  2. Improve customer satisfaction by offering an easy-to-use catalog interface with well-defined catalog items and automated workflows.
  3. Gain visibility into IT processes and assets, generate real time reports, find pain-points and optimize your processes.
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emids has delivered application consulting services to healthcare clients for nearly 20 years.
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