The shift to value-based reimbursement released a flood of changes for health systems and physician practices.  One of the most complex changes is the increasing need to demonstrate quality of care using electronic measures or eMeasures.

While the quality of care being delivered does not change, providers are seeing substantial differences in measure performance when reporting abstracted measures versus electronic measures.

Improving eMeasures performance is time and resource-intensive.  Every year, the government, commercial payors, and credentialing organizations add new eMeasures, modify existing ones, and retire topped out measures. Each new set of measures requires a cycle of analysis, remediation, testing, and submission.

emids has a dedicated eMeasure research team, customized tools, and a battle-tested approach to guide providers through the complex landscape of eMeasure reporting.  We designed our eMeasure Transition solutions to help providers make the transition from abstraction to electronic reporting, and to accelerate provider understanding of eCQMs in preparation for a future of increasing electronic quality requirements. 


Determines how well your electronic regulatory efforts are supported within your organization. Reviews how eMeasures are sourced and calculated within your environment. Identifies data, workflow, functionality, and technology gaps.

Program Development and Measurement

Develops a comprehensive eMeasure program at your organization. Optionally, emids can run the program for you, using your existing technology or CoreANALYTICS, our eMeasures solution.

Managed Service

Relieves your Quality and IT teams from keeping up with regulatory eMeasures and programs. emids has the expertise to take over your program and keep you current with the changing regulatory landscape.

eMeasure Platform

Support EHR transitions and multi-EHR environments or outsource your eMeasure program with emids’ CHIT eMeasure platform.